Cutting-edge technology

The latest addition to our machinery proves to be a technical marvel. From pre-milling and gluing over corner rounding and end cutting to trimming and buffing – our high quality edge banding machine does it all.

With pinpoint precision, this fine piece of machinery applies all types of edging, be it ABS, PVC, Veneer or Solid wood, with a thickness from 0.2mm to 3mm to every type of panel. The board thickness ranges from 12mm up to 45mm. And it is not only precise. High frequency motors as well as finely wrought instruments guarantee a quick and efficient operation whilst enabling us to suit the needs of even high-volume production.

On top of that, our brand new Turanlar T-EB 601 can also produce curved edge banding for timber based panel products, extending our capabilities of manufacturing bespoke wood working solutions even further. Whatever it is you need. Together we can work out customized edge banding products according to your specific requirements and drawings.