Panel Cutting Expansion

As the number of orders entrusted to us is always on the rise, we constantly seek to improve and expand our manufacturing capacities. That is why we have acquired a brand new beam saw, capable of performing complex sheet cutting tasks in greater quantities. Equipped with a numerical control, the SELCO SK 4 allowing us to customise our panels in an intuitive fashion which guarantees a lean and easy work flow with maximum efficiency.

One of the SELCO SK 4’s main features is its patented Twin Pusher system. Our beam saw is equipped with two complementary pushing devices, enabling us to execute different cutting processes at the same time. Operating rip cuts, cross cuts or cutting strips up to 650mm wide simultaneously and independently from each other drastically increases our productivity up to 25%.

Needless to say, all of our beam saws are working with pin-point precision, providing nothing but top quality products. Moreover, the SELCO SK4 is fitted with an air cushioned working surface, which allows for clean cuts, free of splinters, even with the most fragile of materials.